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Sorry, we haven't been keeping up with the actual fixes and enhancements since version 15 began. Here is everything so far in version 15.

Bug Fixes

  • Rename Datafile: Can't rename datafile in non-Enterprise edition 12c and newer
  • Set Role/Edition: Not following settings when role/edition cannot be set
  • Single Object Compare: Roles excluding granted object privileges
  • Alter Table: External table props are read-only
  • Editor: Occasional hangs while using spacebar to replace selected text
  • HTML DB Doc Generator: Roles excluding granted object privileges
  • VCS Debug Viewer: Error with custom time formats
  • Schema Browser: Alter CDB Resource Plan not working correctly
  • Schema Browser: Duplicate Row in grid now working if table has identity column
  • Toad: Z-order problems from Login and Describe windows
  • Data Import: Bad data was causing crash (instead of "nice" error)
  • Schema Compare: Byte/Char differences not always highlighted in side-by-side viewer
  • Popup Text Editor: Closes immediately if opened on last row in grid
  • QSR: Favorite Folders not being retained after restart
  • VCS: Materialized Views don't get versioned in the VCS when recreated
  • Rebuild Table: If table has foregin key constraint, [NO]Validate was excluded.
  • Login window: Custom fields missing from grid after changing view style
  • Coonnection Bar: Lost connection icon not showing in some cases
  • Text Compare: Access violation if closed while it is comparing
  • Connections: 64 bit now able to connect with DynaTrace installed
  • Data Grid: AV if connection lost while editing data or scrolling grid
  • Team Coding Manager: Blank if not pinned before connecting to database
  • Editor: Poor performance while working with large file and Sensitive Data Awareness enabled
  • Editor: Toad hangs temporarily if "Run as Script" and then cancel
  • Data Grid: INTEGER or SMALLINT in user-defined types causing crash
  • Editor: Connection can get out of sync while switching connections after a connection was lost
  • Editor: Script Grid numbers got skipped by empty result sets
  • Query Builder: error during import of DML files from older Toad version


  • Data Compare: Column names can now be manually mapped when they don't match
  • Connection Colors: Now visible under "Window" menu
  • Connection Error Dialog: now checks for an invalid OraAccess.XML
  • Explain Plan: Adaptive Plans now supported in tree mode
  • Workspaces: Logins, if required, now all happen first. Windows are loaded after that.
  • Session Browser: Added CLIENT_DRIVER columns