Beta Released (

Please see sticky post at the top of the forum to get started with the 13.2 beta

General Toad Enhancements

  • The Create/Alter database object windows have a new look, and the ones that were modal are now non-Modal.

  • DBMS_Job scripts now have an option to use DBMS_IJOB.SUMBIT instead of DBMS_JOB.SUBMIT to preserve the same job number when the job is dropped and recreated.

  • Connection Bar Buttons can now be dragged to rearrange. Rt-Click-> Customize to do that, then drag the buttons around how you want, then close the customize dialog. Be careful to not drag the button out of Toad, because then they will go away and you can’t get them back until you close Toad and reconnect. (This may be why we never allowed this before.)

  • There is now an Export DDL option to include sequences used by triggers used by tables, when extracting the table script.

  • Single Object Compare, when comparing tables, now includes an option to include triggers

  • The grouped describe window now has an option to exclude schema names in the tabs for each object. The option is on the dropdown of the last toolbar button.

  • When exporting a dataset to XML with a Unicode file encoding, characters that don’t need to be encoded with character codes are no longer encoded.

  • If you use either of the Tabbed styles of the login window, you can now rt-click on the tabs to filter them. Non-matches will fall away as you type. Select the one you want when you see it, then close the dialog. The filtered items will come back at that point, but whatever you selected will remain selected.

  • Added a rt-click menu item on the "Filename" box to control the new(ish) feature of automatically naming the file based on table. Turns out some people don’t like this feature so I wanted to give an easy way to turn it on or off. It’s defaulting to off. You can right-click it and check the menu item to turn the feature back on if you want.

  • Schema Browser - RHS Dependencies tabs should load faster in large schemas

Parsing & Formatting

  • CREATE TABLE: No syntax error messages anymore on PCTFREE, PCTUNUSED and logging clause in table partitioning clauses of ORGANIZATION EXTERNAL tables (Ora 18c).

  • CREATE TABLE: Support added for new access drivers ORGANIZATION EXTERNAL tables (Ora 18c).

Various improvements:

  • CREATE HIERARCHY: CHILD OF list clause is now optional

  • Queries: SHARDS table references

  • Queries: EXTERNAL table references

  • CREATE TYPE: Support for [NOT] NULL constraints parsing in data type within parens (Ora 18c).

  • Added Sql*Plus support for Oracle 18c.

More Oracle 18c syntax

  • CREATE statements,

  • DML,

  • PL/SQL,

  • SEQUENCE: [NO]SCALE clause.

Code Analysis

  • New rule 2510 ("Do not use a cursor for loop to check whether a cursor returns data").

  • Updating the parser with the remaining latest 12g Release 2.

  • Oracle 18c support for expressions and functions (such as of the form: APPROX_ , JSON_ and TO_UTC_TIMESTAMP_TZ).

  • Oracle 18c support for all ALTER statements.

Code Analysis

  • In all code examples the comment "-- should raise" has been replaced by "-- hit", with adjusted comment alignment.

  • New rule 6725 ("Avoid small IN or OR clauses in a WHERE clause"). Please read the rule topic text before using this rule.

  • New rule 6736 ("Use identity columns rather than sequence.nextval in a trigger").

Would you explain what you mean by “sticky post”? I don’t see anything at the top of the Toad for Oracle - Beta forum page that looks like a link for the 13.2 beta. I’m using Chrome, if that matter.

You should see two pinned posts at the top of the Toad for Oracle - Beta forum. Note the Toad for Oracle 13.2 Beta post.

Thanks for the link to that post. For some reason it was not pinned. It is now.