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Beta Notes:

Compare Data:
BLOB, CLOB, NCLOB, and XMLTYPE are now supported in Database>Compare>Data, as long as you have the EXECUTE privilege on the DBMS_CRYPTO package. This will only work on 10g and newer, because DBMS_CRYPTO didn’t exist before that.

If your table has BLOBs, you can only sync from the data compare window. You cannot create a sync script. CLOB, NCLOB, and XMLTYPE will sync with either technique.


After updating the previous beta to .97, all of the passwords in my 100+ connection entries have been lost.

The previous beta was shutdown cleanly, but on startup .97 took a bit longer to start up than normal.



Were you coming from the most recent beta? .92 I believe.


Yes, coming from .92. This is repeatable. Restored .92 version of Connections.xml and CONNECTIONACTIONS.INI from backup and restarted .97. The startup hangs briefly (~30 seconds) on "Loading logins...". When Toad finally started, the passwords were once again lost.


FWIW, my connections do contain one custom column that I use to group the connections by.


Sorry about that, that one's my fault. There's a fix for the passwords in the oven. You'll still see a delay on the first time you run this next beta but after that initial load it should be much faster.


No worries. Have reverted back to .92 until this has been resolved.