Beta Released (


  • Connection time improved when highlight object name option is enabled
  • Database Monitor: Min/Max display values can now be capped in charts

Bug Fixes

  • Select with XMLTYPE and duplicate column name
  • Import from Access: Long Text fields no longer cause hang
  • Compare Table Data: AV on scrolling in Differences
  • Cannot create file: C:\.....SDSRules.json
  • Project Manager: AV if user tries to open an invalid TPR file
  • SB-Users: Error while trying to revoke a role from multiple users
  • Automation Designer: Actionable query uppercasing user’s SQL
  • Table Scripts: LOB retention parameter missing if default and “all lob parameters” specified
  • Import Table Data: “%1 already exists” error on bad XLS file
  • Alter Table Data: Invalid SQL while adding CLOB column to table
  • Schema Compare: error while trying to compare snapshot vs snapshot
  • Describe DB objects through database link causing SQL or missing field errors
  • Editor: Bind variable popup throwing EurakaLog error if bad data given by user
  • Compare Databases: Possible AV if comparing 2nd time
  • Session Browser: Possible Integer overflow
  • Alter datafile: floating point conversion error while attempting to alter offline file
  • Create Sequence: Integer conversion error if “Increment By” or “Cache” fields left blank
  • Schema Browser: Refreshing twice on F5
  • Other internal bug fixes