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Bind Var Hint doesnt work in Toad Workbook

I find it useful that I can add a comment to my bind var by adding a comment in SQL next to the bind. This way I can provide a short description to the end user on how to enter the bind. But this does not work in Toad Workbook. Can we add this?

Already in the Workbook interface! Hit the icon that opens the full variable interface panel, per below.

So you are saying that it does not automatically pick up the Description from the comment after the variable? Instead you have to enter it manually into the bind editor.
In Toad Data Point it would pick up the comment and automatically put into the description. But I see that I can add it manually. Thanks.

AND AL1.tkeffdate >= :TakeEffectDate /Enter as 10/1/2021 12:00 AM/

P.S. In this case it would be nice if the Workbook bind variable window would remember the size the user changed it to. In this case the description gets clipped. When I resize the bind var window it does not retain its size where is does in the Toad Data Point editor.

Both items duly noted... yes, would be nice to get the bind variable descriptions automagically from comments in the SQL code, and yes, the bind variable panel should maintain sizing and column designators... documented in our enhancement request backlog.