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Single prompt Bind variables - TDP Workbook

I have searched high and low both via Google and the Forums and cannot seem to find an answer to this. is there a way within the Toad Data Point Workbook to have the user prompted for bind variables once at the start of the workflow and have those variables used throughout the workbook? When I use the ":" at the start of the bind variable as instructed each time the bind variable is called the user is prompted. I tried to remove the : and received and error. I have 11 separate queries that consolidate into a single Excel workbook so I would prefer to not have the user have to click OK in the bind variables window 11 times.


Hi Richard,
Thanks for your feedback - this is definitely on our roadmap. The global variables are currently not supported.

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Thank you for the information Dan.

I wonder...could you also make the bind variable its own column (the value would just repeat for each row) in the dataset and then it could be referenced by the next process in the workflow since it is just a column now?

I will have to take a look at that. Thanks for the suggestion. If it works then at would at least be a workaround until this functionality is introduced.