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Bind Variable Saved Values

We have a workbook where the bind variable saved values are different for 2 different users. When I run the query I get period 7 and 8 as the defaults, but another user gets 4 and 5 when they run it. Yesterday when the user changes the values to 7 and 8 and saved, closed and re-opened the query the 7 and 8 values show, but when they open the same query today the values are back to 4 and 5. When I run the query today I see 7 and 8.


Hi Steve, can you add what version of TDP are you using? We did lot of changes related to variables and workbook in the latest version of TDP 5.2 so let me know if you tried it there.
Thank you


Hi, we're on version We had upgraded to a newer version but ran into some connection errors so we reverted back. The connection error issue is currently being looked at.