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Bind Variable type - collection


TABLE (CAST(equipment_id_t_in AS id_table_t))

Hi, I am testing a new release of Optimizer;
When I double click on “Input Variables” to enter data, and click on “enter bind variables now”, then click on datatype, I am presented with a list of VARCHAR2, NUMBER, etc. datatypes. (We are using collection types to hold Java arrays, and this data is being passed from our Java programs into our Oracle packages, when the packages are being called).

I do not see a list of collection types being presented to be selected?

Our collection types are referenced like this in our SQL statements:
and the original collection type is defined as:
create type id_table_t as table of number(10);

Is there a plan to put this in future releases, or is there a workaround for this?

Thank you!


Hi Brad,

I am sorry to tell you that Collection Types is not supported yet in this release. We have it planned for the future.

Please feel free to le tme know if you have further questions.