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From another thread I read PLSQL collections are not supported. Does this mean - even for simple queries - object datatypes are not supported at all ? If not, does this mean no tuning advise at all ? If not what’s the planning for this ?


PL/SQL collections are supported in two of the modules in Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle. The SQL Scanner and Batch Optimizer modules will scan a PL/SQL file or a database object and extract all the SQL statements from the text. Each SQL statement is then individually optimized.

The SQL optimization process found in the Batch Optimizer and in the SQL Optimizer in the Tuning Lab module only optimizes one SQL statement at a time. It does not “optimize” PLSQL code.


Hi Phil,

Rene probably misunderstood that you were asking for optimizing a group of SQL statements (or a “collection” of SQL) when she answered your question.

If I understand your question correctly, you were asking if the Optimizer will support the Oracle Collection type (or other object types). The answer is that these datatype are not supported in both Scanning and Optimization. That is, they will not be recognized when you scan source and there will not be advices or alternatives generated when you optimize a SQL using these datatype. As for the planning, we are looking to support them in future versions. There is no concrete plan to support all object datatypes in the next release but we are looking to provide more and more support to them in coming releases (Hope you understand that it will take time to have complete support of the object datatype syntax).

Let me know if this answered your question.