Bind Variable with a specific name throws an error

I am using toad to run scripts that often have the bind variable :campus in them. Every time this is in a script it, i get 4 different error windows that look like the photo i attached. Simply changing :campus to :camp fixes the problem. Im not sure what is even causing these errors so I wanted to see if anyone had a suggestion to see where I can look for a conflict?


Hi Reidster.

Moving your message to the Toad Data Point forum. This is the Toad for Oracle forum.


Doesn't appear that you're using a keyword where the database might get confused.

Your graphic is blurry when I attempt to magnify, so can't see the error stack well.

Might be helpful for other forum readers if you provide some additional details:

  • What database is the SQL query running against?
  • Can you post the SQL? esp. in the context of statement syntax surrounding it
  • Does the same SQL run in other tools or command line without error?