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I can export single blob data to outside via wizard. But I need to export multiple blobs.

How Can I export multiple blobs using TOAD?


Right click in the grid and choose “Single Column Export”.

If you have an older version of Toad, it’s called “Export BLOBs (long,raw)” instead.

Thank your reply. Yes, That’s true. I can already do it for one row. But there are many rows to fetch data. So I have to do it for per row. it takes too long time. I don’t want to do it.

I want to get all data to a empty file. Is there any chance or option to do it on Toad ?



Single column export is designed to do exactly what you are asking for - export the BLOB/CLOB value (any value, really) from a single column into one or multiple files (one per row). Did you try it?