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Exporting BLOB Data

Hi everyone,

I’m having difficulty to export > 1 row of BLOB data into .csv file.

The result set is appear and the export phase is completed, but the BLOB data column is missing.

Anybody have the same experienced & would u please share with me how to solve?

Than you in advanced guys!

** Version: Toad for DB2 Version 5.5

Hi slinki,

unfortunately Binary data types cannot be exported to CSV format. It is stated in Help | Work with Data | Export Data with the Export Wizard.

Have you tried exporting to different formats? Are you using export wizard or quick export?


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your response.

Fyi, i’m using export wizard and have tried to export the file into .xls & .sql as well, but come up with same result.

So then, need to moving forward…tasks need to be done bhobc…yeah we’re trying another approach right now.

Thanks again Daniel. :slight_smile: