Bug - Custom colors not saving

I think I may have found a bug. I have been tweaking my editor settings such as background and font colors. When I create a custom color and click the "Add to custom colors" button, it appears to add it. But if i close the options window and open it back up and look at the colors again, that custom color is no longer present in the saved custom color palate.

I am using TDP

To alloyd_640:

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Thank you for posting! I was able to reproduce your issue. Custom colors do not appear in the Color window when you close it. They are retained in the embedded drop-down list of colors in the Options window until it is closed, then it is reset.

Your description and screenshots were very helpful.

I have created QAT-4035 to review the matter and to see if we have enough resources to implement a fix. We will post again when QAT-4035 has reached it's conclusion.

Software Associate Developer,
-Joshua Liong