Bug in TDA FQDN no longer functioning properly against Netezza.

Using TDS seems to no longer use fully qualified names appropriately against Netezza (using the official Netezza ODBC drivers).

This was not the case with the TDA 2.5 beta just previous to this most recent version.

So when in Database explorer and a table is selected and then the data tab is picked, the sql issued to get the data in the last beta version was…

select * from database.owner.table;

Now TDA is issuing…

select * from database.table;

This obviously does not work as the database is expecting either the former or 2 dots in the expression a la…
select * from database…tablename;

And yes I’ve tried checking “Use fully qualified object names” in options>explorer>general.

With everything else the same (netezza drivers and versions, etc) and just this update for TDA 2.5b, this problem now occurs. It was not in the previous version of the beta.

Is there some way to force TDA 2.5 to either use 2 dots or the true FQON?


This will be fixed prior to TDA 2.5 GA. A change was made which broke FQDN in beta build 878.


Ok thanks Alan. That’s good to know.