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Toad 10.5 vs TDA for Netezza

I’m starting a new project which requires me to work in a netezza environment. Is there any way to connect to netezza using toad 10.5 rather than using Toad for Data Analysts? I’m sure TDA is fine, but I hate having to learn new shortcuts, re-set options, and all the rest. I’m on a tight deadline, and don’t need the agrivation of learning a new query tool.


You can’t use Toad for Oracle to connect to Ntezza but you can set TDA to use Toad for Oracle settings. Under the main Tools menu, click on the Configuration Wizard menu item and select the Toad for Oracle settings. You might need to close and restart TDA to pickup the new settings.


Thanks Alan. This helped. A lot of the shortcuts are still missing, but it’s better.

if you have the time we would like to know the shortcuts that are missing that you use so we can fix. It is very important that Toad for Oracle users can make an easy transition.