[BUG] - Left pane treeview in Open/Save dialog not justifying correctly

On the new open/save dialog window, the left pane treeview is not justifying correctly when opening in a deeply nested directory.


Save source at "C:\SVN\Application_Database\trunk\Instances\ORCL\Applications\Application1\Schemas\PROD\PackageBodies"

Click "File"

Click "Open File"

Notice the treeview on the left will be on the previous used directory (correct) but the scrollbar is all the way to the left which cuts off the directory listing in the treeview. It should automatically adjust the scrollbar all the way right to bring the selected directory into view.

Also, can the "Look In:" text be moved all the way to the left (over the Favorites) and the dropdown be stretched over to allow more space for directory names?
Screenshot - 12_9_2013 , 11_52_37 AM.png