[REQ] Open/Dialog does not restore/save the last view-by-detail column sort order

I am on Toad Beta

When I open the file dialog popup, it shows the folder/file detail view with column name such as Name, Size, Type, “Date Created” and “Date and modified”.

I have applied the descending sort by column “Date modified” for the folder detail view in my windows explorer which

gets picked up when I open file dialog popup in Toad 11.0 release.

Can the new file Open/Dialog in Toad 12 mimic based on the windows explorer?


Can it at least restore/save the last column (in my case “Date modified”) sort order for the detail folder view of the Open/dialog popup?

Thank You,

Senthil Kumar

Hello Skumar,

Yes, Toad should remember this sort. I’ll create an internal bug report for this