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Bug on zooming/grid


I havefound a way to make TDM eating all CPU using grids. Turn on grid on Zoom Level10.

  1. Make some small logical model, about 10 entities with attributes.

  2. Usually such entities will be displayed in 4 rectangle pages.

  3. Turn on “Show Grid” option

  4. Set to Zoom Level 46 - about two pages can be seen two pages (and whole model is about 4 pages), so zoom out again

  5. TDM switches Zoom Level to 26. And everything is OK, but…

  6. … if you click Zoom Out ONCE MORE, TDM will switch to Zoom Level 10…

    … and you will end up with idle TDM eating 50% of Dual Core CPU…

It is not technically a bug, but since it seemsthat every window activation turns grid size calculation, TDM ends up trying todecide how to display grid on Zoom Level 10. So I suggest not to display gridfor Zoom Levels lesser than, say, 20.

All of this can be seen on default setting ofgrid size (did not have time to do more experiments).


Thanks Michal,

We will look into this issue. CR # 44 835.

Vladka + TDM Team