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BUG with solution (ORA-24344: success with compilation error)


Mine config:
Windows XP SP3 x86
Oracle 10R1 home (connected as “sys as sysdba” on 10gR2 database)
I found a bug in java generation script.

Reproduction steps:
Menu Database|Diagnose| Trace File browser
Choose “Open Trace on database server” button
Choose “Create Object in mine schema”
Very soon “ORA-24344: success with compilation error” is shown on dialog with terminated creation.

BUG is that “ToadDirList” java source is created with line:
Boolean exists = (new File(directory)).exists();
which should be:
boolean exists = (new File(directory)).exists();
(small “b”)

Unfortunately the whole creation process is stopped and this option is not available
to use (cannot press some kind of “ignore” button).

Please make this correction in future release.
Damir Vadas


Toad x64 the bug is still here!

Please make some respond because java is editable, GTT table is created but procedure is not.

Could you at least tell the source od that procedure to make this feature possible in praxis.

Damir Vadas


I found a workaround for this issue.

Explained with pictures on mine blog site:

Hope this helps someone.



See mine last post.