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TOAD 12.7 generating incorrect DDL for Oracle version

One of my users is attempting to use the “CREATE LIKE” function in Schema Browser - Tables, and is getting an error “ORA-00406: COMPATIBLE parameter needs to be or greater”

When she views the SQL CODE that the CREATE LIKE generates, it is showing “RESULT CACHE” as one of the parameters generated. However, the database, while is version is set with COMPATIBLE The version of TOAD is 12.7.1 64-bit.

When I try and replicate this issue, TOAD does NOT generate the parameter for “RESULT CACHE”, and the SQL CODE generated DOES run without error. I have attempted to replicate the issue with both TOAD 12.7.1 64-bit and 32-bit. In both cases, the function works without issue. In fact, when I view the Physical Attributes tab on CREATE LIKE, “Result Cache” is disabled, and cannot even be selected. This is using exactly the same source database instance, schema, and table that my user is using.

My theory is that the SQL DDL being generated is being guided by a Toad Option… but I cannot find where the setting would be to try and create DDL for 11g or 12c vs 10g. There is a setting somthing like this in the Export function, but that doesn’t seem to have an effect here.

Anyone have a guess where it might be to find this option, or another idea at play here?

P.S. I know one of my options to resolve here would be to change the COMPATIBLE parameter. We will probably change the setting there, but that must be scheduled, and it will be at least 2 months out before we could implement such a change.

In the meantime, I provided my user with a workaround of getting the SQL CODE and taking out the offending parameter and just running that in the editor. But would like to see if I can get the fuction working for her.