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Calling Sqlplus.exe inside stored procedure..


Hi Gurus,
Any advise on how can i call sqlplus.exe inside the stored procedure, my main
purpose is to
excute all our fully function sql script, so we dont need to re-write this, we
can just call
this in our new packages/stored procedure.
Thanks for tips in advance.

Romeo Romano


a very inefficient idea as you are shelling out to an external process which
itself consumes resources and memory and diskspace
HOST “sqlplus.exe username/login NameOfSQLStatement.sql”

keeping all sql statements in one procedure or one script is more efficient for
the invoking binary as well as the OS
forcing the OS to track 2 processes to perform functionality which could easily
be easily accomplished by one
places unnecessary load on the OS process-manager and resource-manager

Martin Gainty

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Afternoon all,

HOST “sqlplus.exe username/login NameOfSQLStatement.sql”

I’m not sure that this will work as the OP wanted to know “how can i
call sqlplus.exe inside the stored procedure” - I took stored procedure
to mean PL/SQL.

The only way that I can think of doing this is to set up a call out
listener (security problem coming up!) and set up an EXTPROC system. Up
to 9i anyway.

10g and 11g might allow this, I think the DBMS_SCHEDULER stuff (you
can tell I have a good grip of the technical terms can’t you?) allows
external programs to be called.

HTH (Slightly)

Norm. [TeamT]

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Why not create a toad action that runs the script and then schedule it with
windows scheduler ???