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Can a schema be used in more than one Team Project?


I’m running and trying to set up Team Coding. For the first Team Project I create, every schema in the DB is available for me to pick. I select one. When I create a second project, the schema I selected for the first project is missing from the list, so I can’t use the same schema in more than one project. Is that intentional, a mistake, or am I missing a setting?

What I’m trying to do is set up Team Coding to match our TFS structure, which is a top-level folder with sub-folders for report packages, web app packages, views, triggers, etc. I’ve tried all the options I can think of to set it up in a single Team Project so all the code in the Toad project maps to where the code is stored in TFS. I’ve had no success. The solution that would definitely work would be to have a Team Project for each sub-folder, but unfortunately I can’t do that because of the single schema issue.

So, while my primary question is on the one project per schema issue, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a single project to map to multiple TFS folders?



Hi Roddy,

To answer your question: Team Coding is currently designed to only support one Team Project per database schema. We used to allow for the possibility of splitting database schemas across multiple Code Collections (as it was called in prior versions of Team Coding); however, in doing so, we opened the door for numerous problems with code collection conflict in resolving objects. As a result, we decided to limit a database schema to a single team project.

Now, if you’re looking to configure Team Coding to map to an existing version control system’s structure, I would recommend trying the 12.9 beta that’s currently available. This beta version added some preliminary support for remapping object folders and customizing the default object file names in order to provide better integration with existing version control structures.

If you’d like some help configuring Team Coding with your existing TFS structure, feel free to send me an e-mail offline (my e-mail address is on my profile page) with an example (or a little more information on the outline) of your TFS structure, and I’d be happy to help wherever I can. I suspect we should be able to get it mapped.




Thanks for the quick answer. I will try the 12.9 beta as you suggest, and depending on how I do, I may take you up on the offer to contact you directly.



Hi Roddy,

i’ve found a workaround.

Create the first project “A” with schema “SCOTT” and object filter “A%”.

Then deactivate the project “A” and create next project “B” with schema “SCOTT” and object filter “B%”.

As long as a project is deactivated you can select the schema in an other project.

After you have created all your projects, activate every project.





That’s a clever workaround, though given what John said about problems with conflicts, I think we will change our structure to match the Team Coding syntax. We still have a couple of weeks before we move our data to TFS, so it’s easy enough for us to move things around at this point.

Thanks for the tip though,