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Can a schema be used in more than one Team Project?


I’m running and trying to set up Team Coding. For the first Team Project I create, every schema in the DB is available for me to pick. I select one. When I create a second project, the schema I selected for the first project is missing from the list, so I can’t use the same schema in more than one project. Is that intentional, a mistake, or am I missing a setting?


Hi mutiu,

That is intentional, and was done to help prevent potential object resolution conflicts. You can only assign a schema to a single Team Project. If you’re trying to structure your VCS folders in a specific format, there are other ways to accomplish that task. What are you trying to accomplish by splitting a schema across multiple team projects?



Hi, thanks for the quick answer.

My problem is that in the same schema I have objects from different projects and I would like to have a Team Project per project to synchronize it with GIT.