Can I see the columns on a view in the Object Explorer tree?

I can get to them if I double click on a view but is there a way to have the columns explanded in the same tree in the object explorer panel?

What I mean is right now I see the list of views under the "Views" tab (which is next to Tables and before the Macros tab), I can right click and go to "View Details", but can I expand on each view right in the Views tab itself to see all of the available fields as a drop down kind of thing?

Maybe even better is that you can opt to show a panel at the bottom of your Object Explorer that displays the columns for any table or view. Simply hit or drag the splitter bar at the very bottom if you have clicked on a viable object, per vid below. What's also nice is that you can drag and drop one or more of these column references in various places (like an open Editor, for example).

Hope this helps.


I didn't even notice that splitter bar down there. I dragged it up and that looks like it will be what I need for now. Thanks.