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Way to change column order on Object Explorer?


Is there a way to change the order of the columns in the Object Explorer? For example in the image below, I want “schema” before “name”. (TDP 4.3)


No, we don’t have an option for this. The object explorer always lists objects. The columns you show of row count, schema, etc are extended columns and are considered additional/optional data


Hi Debbie, using now licensed version I am missing “row count” next to table names. Can you give me a hint how I can display it? I would appreciate it very much. Thanks a lot.

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please try below:
Right-click the table name in OE - select “options” - select “Extra columns” - select “Row Count”
some DB has the row count, some are not, if you cannot follow above steps, that means it’s not support in your using DB or not support in that TDP version