Reverse Engineering on an existing Model


Thank you for the Toad Data Modeler Software. The most useful Data Modelling tool I’ve met for PostgreSQL.

Here are two Enhancement requests about the Reverse Engineering feature which is quite powerful.

  1. A Reverse Engineering always creates a new Model. Nevertheless, this tool can be used to refresh or extend an existing Model. So it would be nice to be able to choose the target of the Reverse Engineering: new Model, replace an existing model, insert in an existing Model (same named objects will be replaced).

  2. Sometime a Reverse Engineering is used to have a new fresh view of a current Database. So it would be nice to save all the options of the Reverse Engineering Wizard in order to start it again in one shot.


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Hi VinceE,

Thank you for the stroke!

To your enhancement requests.

  1. This is done by Model Update. Go ahead and try it.
  2. If you meant to have there an option to save all settings of RE at once, then it’s already registered in our system and it will be implemented in some of next releases.

Enjoy using Toad Data Modeler and feel free to ask any questions here.

Lukas & R&D Team

Thank you very much for your reactivity on both features and forum.


  1. This is done by Model Update. Go ahead and try it.

As I can see, the "Model Update" command run "Reverse Engineering", then run a "Sync & Convert", and then applies the differences on the old Model.

But this is quite a bit different from a true actualization. Applying differences is less secure than delete and rebuild.

I've just tried the tow methods ("Model Update" vs "Reverse Engineering") and I found differences between the two results.

Could you provide your findings? What differences do you mean?
Thank you, regards,