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Generate Alter Scripts with Toad Data Modeler

In am in a CI/CD environment where drop and create scripts are not acceptable, particularly for tables. I need to generate DDL based on differences between two model versions. The Model Comparison report identifies the changes, but I want Toad Data Modeler to build a script that implements those differences, such as:

  • Add, modify or delete columns, keys, indexes, etc.
  • Drop objects that no longer exist in the current model

Is this possible? Everything I have seen indicates Toad only supports Drop and Create.

If you think you saw this before, you did. I accidentally created this question under "Toad for Oracle." This is not a toad for Oracle question.

Thank you.

It is possible. I use it every day.

@ciexpert: Please elaborate so I can learn how to generate the alter table scripts. Thank you.

I found the solution: Model -> Generate Change Script -> Run