How to generate the DDL changes via TOAD modeller

Hello All:

we keep the DB model locally which is kept the same structure with the one in production.
as the process, we need to modify the model first then gonna change codes.

My question is how to generate the DDL changes or say incrementalchange scripts comparing to the old one via Toad tool?

Hello Derek,

Current solution:

  1. Open the updated model in TDM.
    Note: You can open also the original model, however it is not necessary. If you do not open it, you will load the model directly from its location (on the Select Right Side page of the Sync & Convert Wizard, Model File box).

  2. From the updated model, open the Sync & Convert Wizard.

Take the steps described in the following movie:

PDF guide is also available there.

Note: The upcoming Beta is bringing the following improvement: The Select Right Side page of the wizard: Generation of alter scripts without prior reversing and saving model. This allows you to connect to the database directly to compare the updated model with database and generate alter script for the changes you made in the model. (The Beta will be available this or next week.)

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team