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Can I use Toad for Oracle Cloud (Fusion)?

I’m a developer and I have been told that I’m not able to query using SQL on Oracle’s Fusion product. That can’t be the case right? Can I connect to the database using Toad just I have been able to with 11i and R12? Can anyone confirm that this is not the case?

Oracle Fusion is an application, not a database, right? So the answer is - as long as that application is built on a normal Oracle database, and the database is available for connections via SQL*Net, then you should be able to connect with Toad to that database.

Yes, sorry maybe I phrased the question incorrectly. Essentially what I have been told by my colleagues is that once you implement Oracle’s Fusion Cloud App, you’re no longer given access to the database via SQL*NET. I’m hoping someone on here can confirm that they do have this type of access.


Oh, I see. Sorry, I don’t know the answer to that.

We have found that Oracle now offers a ‘service’ called “Oracle Database Cloud Service” which is essentially a VM version of your cloud database. Without this subscription, you cannot access the database:

I’ll leave this here in case anyone else has experience with this.

Toad does work with the Oracle Cloud Database Service, assuming the ports are open (something you have to do after database creation)