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Toad to Oracle Cloud Interface EBS

i have Oracle E-Business instance 12.2 and database is 19C and os is oracle linux 7.5 which is running on Oracle Cloud Interface, so please any one have solution how to connect the instance thro toad step by step with snaps.


Can you connect with SQL Plus?

I have connected tro sql developer

Toad does not connect the same way as SQL Developer. Toad connects the same way as SQL Plus. If you can connect with SQL Plus, then you should also be able to connect with Toad.

But how ? can you please suggest .

I can't give you a straight answer for that. It depends on how your database is configured. Oracle should have some directions somewhere for how to connect via SQL*Plus. You may have to configure a wallet. You may have to open a tunnel via PuTTY or similar. Once that is set up, Toad should be able to connect also without any configuration in Toad.

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Thanks john let me try my best.

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Here is a blog I wrote on how to use PuTTY to open a tunnel and then connect with Toad.

Thank you john ,now iam successfully connected to Oracle Cloud Instance. Once again thanks for your guidance and precious help.

You're welcome. If there is anything you learned in the process that I did not cover in my blog, please share it here for the benefit of others.