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Can one export the raw data to an XML file?


When Having the value "comparación" in a Table in the database, if one wants to export such values in a XML file, what the file contains is "comparación".

The value in the exported XML looks fine when opening it a Internet Explorer, because it reads the "Formatted Value" well, but, when using notepad one may see that the value exported is not the same the same value stored in the database.

This can be a problem if one wants to use the XML as the data source of a subsequent process.

So, is it possible to export the raw data to an XML file? and have it as it's in the database?


Yes!!! We use in previous versions and it was so useful, now we need to do another step.


OK, I am making a change for Toad 13.2…

If you export with one of the encodings besides ANSI, I non encode characters listed in the the “non-restricted characters” section of

If you export with the ANSI format, it will continue with the current behavior.