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Can the default ReferenceLevel in the Diagrammer be changed from 1 to 0?

Hi -

I’m new to Toad, and I’m still trying to determine if I can configure it to generally conform to my work preferences. I don’t frequently use drag-and-drop functionality like the Diagrammer, but occasionally I do. By default, the tool seems to pull in all tables referenced by foreign keys, which I don’t want. I understand how to alter the reference level setting for the diagrammer to stop this behavior, but is there a way to set the ReferenceLevel to 0 by default? I’ve poked around in the options menus, but can’t seem to locate it.

Thanks for any assistance or hints more experienced Toad users can offer!

hi Ericpeeg,

Thank you for your post.

Could you try this scenario?

Go to menu > About > Application Data Directory link (it opens path like “c:\Users\your_username_here\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point”)

Go to ModuleSettings folder

Edit file “Diagram.xml”

Find or add the following line and ensure it has value 0


Then you can simply copy this file to any Toad environment (other pc’s app data folder) you would like to.

Let me know whether this helps.