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Query builder - editing SQL code breaks query

Hi all,

I am currently using Toad Data Point (64 bit) and have been struggling with the query builder tool.

My issue is that for some of the queries I build, I sometimes have to edit the joins to change the default inner joins to full outer joins. When I do this, I am asked to synchronize the query with the diagram. All fine, but my issue is then one of two things.

-The visualize query does nothing and does not update the diagram (the visualize query in 'query' tab stays green and does not disappear
-The visualize does update the diagram but completely breaks the query (code typically becomes malformed after updating)

Before I go on, upgrading is not an option due to our company policy, but I was wondering if there is anything I can do to rectify this and avoid it happening. I'm quite new to SQL so writing from scratch isn't an option either. At the moment, I prefer to build the queries and edit them slightly but this clearly isn't working too well.

Any tips or is there some settings I can tweak? Also curious to understand why Toad defaults to inner joins? Presumably to save data load?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Matt,

Improving the ability to edit the visual query from the SQL query tab and then resynching the visual without breaking it has been a focus of the Toad Data Point development team for the past couple of releases. I would suggest updating to the Toad Data Point 5.4 release and checking out this scenario in that version. There are still times where re-visualizing an edited query can be problematic but there have been significant strides in this area.