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Can TIC have a folder set up that can house images that are referenced from the rows in a database by URL?

We have an image that correlates with each unique ID that needs to be referenced by a URL. We're new to TOAD and searched a bit before posting this. We're not sure how to accomplish this using the TIC environment. Any tips or help would be appreciated.

Can the following functions meet your needs?

Open TDP, go to View -> Project Manage -> Add New Folder -> Add URL which referenced from your database.

Connect TIC, view published image.

I'm not sure if this meets your requirements.
If your images already exist in the database and you want to directly access and view it through the picture URL on the TIC website, TIC cannot do it.

Thank you this was helpful and have successfully duplicated the steps. The images are not already in a database, rather in a Google Drive folder temporarily. We are looking for the best way to store them so that they can be accessed by end users in their browsers from a URL (to be created or determined) that we can populate in the database, in this case an Excel spreadsheet.

We think we will simply publish them via FTP to a website we have then create the URL from there, insert into the spreadsheet, then publish the sheet to TIC for the users to access.

I'm not sure if there's a typical / standard way to accomplish handling images that may be more effective.