How do you collaborate as a team within TDP/TIC?

My team is working on a large data comparison project, and I'm trying to split up the work. The workflow is:

  1. Create a Data Compare
  2. Embed that Data Compare into an Automation
  3. Publish the Automation to TIC
  4. One person download the Data Compare/Automation from TIC
  5. Create a master Automation to allow for better throughput control of the Automation scripts

I am really struggling with how to do this. I am attempting to browse the TIC server from TDP. I can see the work the team has published, but I'm unable to download a local copy from TIC without it messing up all of my database connections. Meaning, when I copy or edit the Automation from TIC, whatever connection they used is created in MY connection list. The .dcp and .tas files themselves don't seem to save to my local workstation, either.

I have attempted to download the project as a whole from TIC, but that just results in a bunch of corrupt files that I can't do anything with.


These entries with the seemingly random names are supposed to be the .tas files, but I can't do anything with what the product downloaded.

I'm not seeing any source control integration features within TDP, either.

Surely there has to be a good way to accomplish this. If the workflow we are attempting is the problem, please let me know a better way.