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Can Toad Query a Filemaker database?

My company has a filemaker database that I would like to query directly from Toad. Is this possible? I don’t see Filemaker as an option when creating a new connection.

It is not something that we test but as long as you have an ODBC driver for it, it should work I think.

Yea, that was my initial thinking, but I have been unable to find an ODBC driver for filemaker. Filemaker does have ODBC built in for connecting to SQL Server to import data but I cant find anything to conect to the filemaker server instead.

Hi I took a quick look at this - I am assuming you have Filemaker pro - if so you should be able to enable your db to connect to TDP using an odbc connection following these steps

Let me know if this is what you are hoping to achieve - once you have enabled ODBC connectivity you should be able to create a DSN on your machine and then utilize that to connect to the exposed objects.#