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I use to be able to cancel my query in Toad before I am now noticing it’s not working like it use. I am not sure if this is a TOAD issue or a Db2 z/OS issue. I know I can’t cancel threads on z/OS, but Toad was always good about canceling my query after the warning of records being pulled back.

If I run a query that takes a long time I get the following message:


I would then say Yes.But now it seems like my query has canceled but i can’t run any other queries unless I force close out of Toad via task manager.

I never had this issue before 6.3, but I am not sure like I said if its related to 6.3 or some change on the RDBMS.

Thanks for your help.

Toad for DB2 (64 bit) for z/OS.

Hi Robert,

This is an old /new issue. Previous to version 6.2 this happened to me all the time. In version 6.2 this got corrected, and now I’m experiencing it again.

Another issue that came back ( I think), is when I run a script across many schema(s). If one of the files is empty, it hangs. This was corrected in version 6.2 and got messed up in version 6.3.

I am not going to stop using version 6.3 as the compare to excel feature makes life much easier for me, but I would like the big boys to check this out.

Have a great day,

Shimon J.

Good Morning Shimon,

That is good to know! Thanks for the information. Hopefully they can fix it quickly. I am enjoying 6.3 and going back to 6.2 is something I want to do.

Thanks for the information. This has been addressed and the fix is in our v6.5 beta.

You can download the beta at:


Hi Jeff,

Using the 6.5 beta, I’ve had trouble cancelling a script, and the automation script still freezes if there is an empty SQL file in one of the nodes.

I’ll continue using the 6.5 beta and report otherwise if I find the problems corrected.




Thanks for the feedback - the automation issue when there is an empty SQL file has not yet been addressed.

I will review with the team that the cancelling fix made this first beta drop.




Can you send in your automation script and steps on how to recreate this - as we cannot yet create this in house.

You can either post those or email those to me at jeff.podlasek@[mention:def66d60eb544ed49068355523d182dd:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]