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Query Not Stopping

I am using toad for Data Analysts I want to stop the query that is running.

I click on View, then on Background Processes then click on the red X. The query is still going. How can i stop it?

As an update to my previous post, the query did finally stop. It seems to be about 15 minute delay responses but it stop.

Is there a way to get it to respond quicker?

You must be using some kind of connection that does not have cancellation. Or will only allow cancel after the first row is returned. What type of connection is it? And how did you define the connection (ODBC, Native, etc)


I am using the Oracle connection. There is nothing in the Direct tab at all.

I tried cancellation on several queries and the cancellation was prompt. Instead of using the backgroun processing try using the cancel button in the editor or Query Builder. See screenshot. This button only enables during the execution of a query.

If you still have difficulties with prompt response, please provide the version of TDA you are using, the version of your Oracle client and server and a full screenshot of the applicaition when the cancellation does not cancel.


I was actually running a script. But I did click on the red x to stop the execution of the query. I am running Toad for Data Analysts The Oracle Client is and Version 11 is also on the server.

What is in the script? The cancellation would be only for the current statement. Are you using F5 and perhaps the current statement is actually being cancelled but it is moving onto the rest of the script? There is a message box that asks if you want to continue. If this is hidden it would remember your last request. Is this possible what is happening? If not, please send me your script and more details on it so I can reproduce.