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Cannot change connection for Editor window - Toad for Oracle

Judging from previous posts I’ve found through searches, I’m expecting a “Change Connection” option when right-clicking on the editor tab but I have no such option from the Editor window button, the individual page/tab or the right-click context menu within the editor pane.

Also, as one post I saw references the button not appearing when only one connection is established, I have 3 open connections open with 5 total editor buttons. I’ve tried with “Show Buttons for Current Connection” on and off.

Has this functionality been removed for some reason or is it possible I have done something silly when modifying options after installation?


*Edit - I’ve found the functionality from the “File” toolbar with the Change Session button but I don’t think resorting to a toolbar button should be necessary for this.

That Change Session button is how it’s been done in every connection enabled window in Toad for as long as I can remember. If you’d like something different create a new feature request in the Idea Pond.


My apologies, as a new user to Toad, I’m slowly realizing just how different the program is between Oracle and SQL Server implementations. I see now the posts I referenced were for Toad for SQL Server, not Oracle.

I’ll certainly take it to the Idea Pond… toolbars are the debil!