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Cannot Remove Shapes/Lines from Workspace without Deleting from All Duplicated Workspaces

If a workspace that has shapes/lines is duplicated, then shapes and lines deleted from the duplicated workspace also delete from the original. For entities, one is given the option to remove the entity from the workspace or to delete the entity outright from the model; however, one is not given such a prompt for shapes/lines. This seems like a bug for the shapes/lines, is it?

Please note my question is with regards to shapes/lines (not entities) that have been duplicated across workspaces.

It is almost like the shape/line is linked to the original workspace where if one of the shapes/lines is deleted it cascades through all workspaces and deletes that same shape on every duplicated workspace.

I now cannot remove the unwanted workspaces (that were duplicated from an existing workspace) without first removing all of the shapes programmatically. I am having to go into expert mode and delete the shapes from the unwanted workspaces with scripts before deleting the unwanted workspaces to preserve the shapes on the original wanted workspace.

Is there a setting or option that I'm missing that allows one to only delete the shape from that workspace and not all workspaces? Or can you confirm this is a bug?

Using TDM 7.* Windows 10.

Thank you.

it should not be possible to create shortcuts of shapes and lines, but how I see it is. So I create macro that add to popup menu item to delete shortcut (not object) of shape/lines you can download it from this location