Toad Data Modeler creates duplicate objects (entity) to other workspaces

Can someone tell me where I can turn this feature off. When I add an object (entity) to a workspace, it also adds it to the other workspaces that I have. Should it not just add it to the workspace I am currently working in? If I have more than one workspace open, is that contributing to the problem? I just looked an the other workspaces that I have also have the new object.

This is frustrating, am I using the workspaces wrong? I use them to show detailed information based on components or modules of my solution, to better see and print.

Please help.


Activate the workspace(s) where you do not want to add shortcuts of objects automatically and:
Right-click the WS | Workspace Format | tab General | clear the Auto Complete checkbox.

For new models, you can set it up in:
Settings | Options | Physical Model | General tab | clear the Auto Complete checkbox.

I recommend you to watch the following movie where this feature is explained:

Movie on shortcuts of objects on the WS:

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.