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Cannot specify a blank index column

Hey Team – Using SN 7.0.1 (3033) and creating an index on a database table column on a database using the UI. I enter a name, choose a column from the dropdown in the Selected Column section and hit the Save icon on the toolbar. It then erases the column name I’ve chosen in the dropdown and throws an ORA-00936 Missing Expression error due to having a blank index column. I then, once again, select the column name from the dropdown and hit save again and the index creates normally. This seems like it might be a bug as i can’t think of why this “feature” would have been added in version 7. :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:

Before you save, you can try to click out side the column to make the contents be kept, I believe that’s why you can save successfully for the second time.

We admit this is not a nice “feature”, so SQLNAV-1481 has been raised for you. Once we get it fixed will let you know.

Any issues please feel free to contact with us.

Thanks again,


Thanks Shirly. I can confirm that exiting the column dropdown does let it keep the column. I’ll try to remember to do that until you guys can get to the fix.