Cannot sum int8 Query Builder

When using Toad Data Point Query Builder - Diagram view I am unable to sum int8 columns.
I can count, count(distinct), min, and max but not other functions (sum, std dev, etc.).
Does anyone know why this is and if it can be fixed?
Do I need to cast all of these as decimal (or other) when creating the table?

Hi Mr Barker,
It looks like Query Builder does not recognized Int8 as numeric type. The list of numeric types is provider specific and Int8 could be missed from the list for your provider. What Database do you connect to?
I create a task QAT-14071 to track the issue.

Thank you for reporting the issue

I’m using Redshift as the database

Thanks. We found and fixed the issue. We are looking at monthly updates so this fix will be in the Feb 2019 TDP 5.0 release.

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