MySQL 8.x Support?

MySQL 8 has been out for over 5 years now, and Data Point still does not support it. Given the lack of interest by Toad to support it, are we to assume that Data Point is in End-Of-Life mode? I've spoken with their sales reps for years, and all they have are empty promises that they are working on it.

They seem to be just milking it for as long as possible without any meaningful updates. I don't know about others, but the main thing I want is being able to write queries and view/export/import data. Everything else is just toys (which I never use).

My company waited (at my insistence) to upgrade our databases to MySQL 8 for years, but I can't hold them back anymore. We will be upgrading in 2 weeks, and my 14 years using Toad will come to an end. I think I will be using dbForge, which unfortunately does not have cross-platform integration with T-SQL, which was the main attraction of Data Point.

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Raising this to Quest R&D.

Just curious, though... what happens when you attempt to connect to MySQL 8.0 with TDP?

Hi Dready,

No, that would be an incorrect assumption! We are releasing Toad Data Point at least 2x per year, as always, and improving functionality with each release :slight_smile: We are, however, behind on updating platform support on some of our connections. We are planning on officially support MySQL 8 in our first release of 2024.

To follow up on Gary's question - does the product fail when you try to connect to MySQL 8? If so we can perhaps provide a hot fix to you sooner. Have you opened a support case? You can also email me your findings directly ( and I will pursue with Dev.

It simply failed to connect. The test server is down atm so I can't get the exact message, but we are supposed to upgrade to MySQL 8 in early January.

That would be excellent news. dbForge is pretty good at some things, but It's really limited in others that will make my life more difficult. Can you give me an idea of when MySQL 8 support will be extended?

My DBA tells me we have a choice Our main database is now using MariaDB 10.2.10 (which is roughly compatible with MySQL 5.5. Both of those are no longer supported so we must upgrade, either to MariaDB 10.6.7 or MySQL 8 (several versions available up to 8.28).

So either support path would work. The database is pretty large, about 20 TB, so the upgrade should not involve doing anything to the data.

If you can tell me that either MariaDB 10.6.7 or MySQL 8.x will be supported by a certain date, I might be able to get them to delay.

Any update on MySQL / MariaDB support upgrades?

Still waiting for support for 10.11.4-MariaDB.

The stable GA release of 10.11 happened almost a year ago.

A major strength of Toad Data Point is to be able to connect to any database. Unfortunately, these expectations are missed with regard to MySQL 8 and MariaDB 10.11.

Hi Julie,

It looks like Quest missed another opportunity with its first release in 2024 as version 6.2 does not support MySQL 8.

I've been a loyal user of Quest products for many years, but it seems from the release notes of each new version that Quest is putting its resources on Snowflake support at the detriment of non-Snowflake users.

I suggest Quest renames the product to "Toad Data Point for Snowflake" as it seems that is the business focus right now.

I don't understand why Quest does not put more effort in supporting newer versions of MySQL and MariaDB as AWS and Azure have EOL'ed the older versions:

"MySQL 5.7 reached community end of life in October, 2023 and will reach RDS end of standard support on Feb 29, 2024." -- Amazon RDS for MySQL supports new minor version 5.7.44

"On 31 October 2023, Oracle will retire MySQL v5.7." --

MySQL is ranked #2 in popularity -- Most popular database management systems 2023 | Statista.

I, like @Dready1906, am being driven to look for other solutions as I'm losing confidence that Quest has interest in supporting database diversity.