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Toad Data Point crashes when attempting to edit a formula in a subquery.

Here is the scenario. I have set up a query using the query builder within TDP 3.8 (the new release). The query contains several joins, most of which are to subqueries - this is not a cross connection query. Within the subqueries, I have written some complex formulas to be able to select data with a certain date.

Creating the initial query and subquery seems to work fine. Then I need to change one of the formulas in the subquery, and upon finishing the change, Toad stops working and closes.

I have attempted to re-open Toad and make the same formula change with the same results. The query works prior to the formula change, and the change is minimal (replacing one number of days with another number). The work around that I have found is to delete the subquery and re-write it with the new formula. This works, but obviously I would rather not re-write every subquery just to change a formula.

I don’t recall having this kind of situation in TDP 3.7, but I can’t say for sure that I’ve ever tried this exact same situation before.

Any ideas?

What is the connection you are using? I am presuming that you are editing the formula from within the query builder. Is it possible you can give us the QB file before you edit it? If you can, please send to

Thank you for the email! We want to look into this bug, so we created QAT-6894 so we can look into this.

If you could send us one more thing, it would be helpful. In TDP, go to help->Support Bundle. This will compile logs and error messages into a zip file which you can send to us.

Thank you for your time!

We are planning to fix the issue but unfortunately I could not reproduce it. I followed your instructions without any success.

Could you please provide additional information?

• Does it happen when you create query against any tables or only specific ones?

• Could you please try to create the simplest query that causes the issue?

• Can it be a data driven issue? What are typical values in the KWLSUM.SUMDATE column? Do you see any abnormal values in this column?

• Could you provide some date from the KWDB104.KWLEFT, KWDB104.KWLEFT, KWDB104.KWLEFT tables? If you can please export several rows into CSV files and send to