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Cannot open/run TDR report

Using TDA

I developed a TDR successfully the other day. The underlying query did not take long to run.
Now, when opening it, I get the Processing message “Converting result to data table”, and an hourglass, and no way to proceed other than to kill TDA with the Windows xp task manager. The Cancel button on that dialog box does not respond.
Other reports are running ok.

Any suggestions for proceeding, or at least viewing/copying out the underlying query?


TDA uses a custom result set. The Toad Data Reporst is a third party tool and we have to convert our custom result set to a .net result set. So in this case the query is already compelte and we are doing the conversion. How many rows is it? And how long did you wait? It may just take a bit to do this conversion.

If you open the tdr file and search for “AdapterSQL” you will see the SQL but it has some html encoding done to it.


Julian and I looked into this offline. What we found was the relationships between the two datasets was being lost. This was in affect creating a cartesean join and that was what was making it take so one.

I just fixed a Cr with a similiar description. This fix will be in the TDA 3.1 release. The description is below in case anyone is running into this issue.


CR94478 – Existing Link to Relation Lost1 Create a report with multiple tables (lets say three). Table1 is the master with Table2 and Table3 linked to Table1 to provide Relation1 and Relation2. 2 Create a detailBand and add fields from the master Table13 Create a DetailReport Band and bind this to Relation1. Then add fields from Relation14 Create a DetailReport Band and bind this to Relation2. Then add fields from Relation25 Make sure your data displays correctly. Then save and close report.6 Re-open this report and select the DATA tab for the master table.7 Change the SQL Where clause to filter the data used by the report.8 Click the Execute Statement icon to refresh the dataset in the lower grid.9 Select the Designer tab and notice that the DetailReport Bands do not have a linked DataMember set to a RelationN.