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can't see explain plan

Hi, I am using toad for oracle xpert edition, suddenly due some change in setting I cannot see the explain plan in the explain plan tab, when a query is executed. Can anyone please help how to fix it?


Does CTRL+E make the plan show up?


Thanks for your reply.

I was trying , and getting the plan, this the correct way to get explain plan right?

The 2nd button you mentioned should do it. CTRL+E should do it too.

Maybe something happened to your Explain Plan table or the setting for it. Go to Options -> Oracle -> General, and click the ‘…’ button next to the box for the Explain Plan table. That will verify that the table exists, and if not, it will offer to create one for you.

If that doesn’t fix it, turn on spool SQL (Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to Screen). That will show you what queries Toad is running. So you can see if Toad is trying to get the plan, and if that process is working or not. You can post the output here if you need help understanding it.

I have similar issue and I don’t see the explain plan. I verified the 2 options suggested but no luck.

The plan table exists and also I can see the toad is trying to get the plan as i can see the query in the spool.

when i click the explain plan (CRL+SHFT+9) or the icon…it blinks for few seconds but nothing happens

I meant CRL+E not CTRL+SHFT+9)

Sorry I meant CTRL+E not CTRL+SHFT+9

You could try restoring your editor desktop in case it’s a problem with the GUI. On the Editor toolbar just to the right of the Desktop dropdown there’s a button to save the desktop. It has a small drop arrow to its right. Click that and choose restore default desktop. Does the explain plan panel show for you now?

Great! Thanks It worked, I lost my previous settings but not a big deal