Change a connection on a Query Builder report TSM window?


I am trialing the T4SQL product (5.8) and want to convert the SQL query I’ve created from one database to another (development to production).

According to some research this should be easily done by right-clicking the Query tab and selecting Change Connection …

The option does not appear in the Toad for SQL 5.8 trial version. Is this only a full version feature?

Thank you


Actually we already know about this issue and have the enhancement request # 103395.

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Hi. That issue has been raised by Debbie for quite a while now. Any ETA from the developers on this? I am surprised it has not been escalated further, as it would be a very common thing to do, wanting to change database connections on a query without recreating it from scratch.

From what I see it is still in the queue.

Just so you know - there is a workaround avaiable on this. Just save QB file, disconnect from the server you created this query on and make sure the password is not saved for this connection. You will be prompted to enter a password for this connection when you’ll try to open this QB file next time. At this point of time just select another connection from your list.

Hi Alex.

Thanks for the workaround. I can live with that. But what is a QB file? You mean the actual TSM file?


Yes, Query Builder (QB) stores files as TSM file extention.

Workaround is acceptable for now