Query Builder - Change Connection

Simple question, I built a query using query builder to check some data in our production environment. I’d like to use the same one in our pilot environment. Usually to do this I right click on the tab and select change connection. Not sure why, but for some queries, this one included, it doesn’t appear, not even greyed out. Am I doing something wrong?

Other than copying the SQL, is there a way to port this to a different connection?

Right clicking on tab to change connection is only available in the SQL Editor. For the Query Builder you need to sent to the editor, change the connection and then send back.

We have looked at this and find we need to do a major refactor to support this. We plan to do this but need to find the time.


Hello - has this issue been resolved or is there another workaround? What do you specifically mean by “For the Query Builder you need to sent to the editor, change the connection and then send back.”?

As a follow up to my question. I create a new Query via Query Builder, copy in the SQL from the other query but the Diagram information is missing from my new query.

Hi Greag,

The ability to change connetcion in Query Builder has been implemented and should be in the latest beta.



The workaround is to go to the query tab in in QueryBuilder, right click and select send to Editor. Then you can change the connection to any other connection that is active. You end up with just a SQL file but it will run just as well. If you need the diagram, you can open a new query builder under the connection you want go to the query tab, paste the query back in, right click and visualize but be careful the visualized query comes out the same. Complex queries don’t always get visualized right.