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Check out issue in team coding

Hi Team,

We are getting below error while we checkout object from team coding?

We have integrated to git.

This error is generating only for one particular user and this file which is very unique .
User is not able to check out only this particular object ,able to check out other objects .

Can you please let me know what we can do for this asap?


Might have to go to Support for this one (either Git or Quest), as there could be many reasons, and many of them may not be Toad related.

Just thinking of obvious reasons, though... does the user have privs to work with the object on the database? on Git? May want to compare the permissions and profile of that one user to the rest who have no issues.

User is not able to check out only one specific object other than that its working perfectly fine.

Any workaround than can be done for that?This is really important as it is happening in production.Please let me know if there any workarounds available.

Assuming you have already checked permission status on the DB and Git repo object in question, etc. here's additional research lines to consider...

  1. It would be good to know exactly the detailed steps on how the user is attempting to check out the object, and the details for the object.
  2. Is the object unusual in some way?
  3. Is this user running the same Toad version (number/build) as others who are able to check out the object?
  4. Is user checking out the object from the same Git repo as others? Same version of Git, same settings, etc. ?
  5. Can the user check out the object directly from Git (e.g. not through Toad) ?
  6. There are several ways to check out objects from within Toad, BTW... do any of these work? See snaps below.

If none of the methods below work, and the user can't check out the object directly from Git either, then the issue is likely not at the Toad level. If nothing in Toad works, but user can do a successful Git check out/in, then let's open a Support ticket for further troubleshooting.